Client Testimonials



Client Testimonials


"Professional videographer, Alan Geoghegan, is in a class all by himself.All my DVD's for the past 20 years have been shot on location & studio edited with impeccable professionalism.

My praise for Alan is well deserved: my videos have sold around the world and have always been highly praised by my clients. Alan's professionalism has a proven track record as evidenced by the many sales received through my studio over 20 years. The quality of the design, the pacing, the ease of working with Alan is an additional reason that I will continue to choose Medianetworks as the studio of choice."

Morgan Samuel Price, Orlando, FL, Plein-AIr Landscape Painter & Teacher

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Alan. Geoghegan since 1997. He has worked with me as an outstanding editor and I have worked under his superb direction as his cinematographer. Alan has a unique perspective of his art form that blends European and American influences, a reflection of his international background and professional experience. He is adaptable, meticulous with details and vigorously creative. I envy the organization that benefits from the services of this extraordinary visionary and excellent media production professional."

Frost Wilkinson, Cinematographer

“I enjoyed working with Alan. He brought a lot of great creative ideas to add to my original idea and that made the video much better. He is wonderful to work with and he does not make you feel like you are working with an outside person. I felt that he was part of my team – one of us. His video editing abilities were superb & was able to take our long boring videos and turn them into punchy & exciting footage that blew away the viewers. I will definitely recommend him to anyone else who is interested in making corporate videos – I already recommended him to my other industry friends.”

Ardalan Shokoohie-Business consultant for Prysmian Cables & Systems

"I have worked with Alan for about six years now on a variety of projects. The range of topics spans Irish history and culture, Club of Rome development seminars, causes of and solutions for cancer, and, not least, a selection of videos featuring lessons in my classroom, recording my unique approach to the teaching of foreign languages. Alan has a natural eye for "intimate detail," moments that, in themselves, reveal & portray the essence of a situation.

Such a gift can rarely be learned. Rather, it is instinctive, the result of extempore insight and understanding. I have repeatedly witnessed, and marveled at Alan's ongoing ability to replicate this aspect of his genius and, for that reason alone, highly recommend him to all who appreciate distinctive visual & aural representation."

Finnbarr Dunphy, Latin Teacher, Columbia SC

"I am the President of a non -profit organization in SC, who reccomended Alan to do some videography for me when I put on a presentation at the Koger Theatre in Columbia, SC. entitled, "The Coronation of the King"

The presentation was a 3 hr. presentation and Alan patiently worked with me to ensure a good patchwork of the captured
event . He was pleasant and paitent to work with and I highly recomend him professionally and personally."

Elaine Rose, Sion's Rose Ministries




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